Earith Primary School

Events and Activities 2020 - 2021

This is our way of sharing our events and activities with you


Summer Term 2021

FOES Raffle 16.07.2021

Sid the Cygnet's 1st Birthday celebration 09.07.2021

Music from our talented musicians

Earith Residential 19th - 20th June

Also see photos on Gallery Page

Whole-School Mega Scooter Course

Mr N's and Dom's Dance Moves!

Trust Trail

 Spooky School Tour


Camp Fire Singing and Story


We were very excited to welcome K’z Dance Entertainment into school on Wednesday 16th June to lead workshops about Indian Dance, Culture and Festivals. A few videos of the end results.

New Special Reading Certificate


Historic England & Young'Uns Project Present...
The Earith Primary School Song (lyrics written by Banksy Class with the Young'Uns)

Click on the arrow to play the audio and scroll down to see the lyrics


Spring Term 2021

Super Power Winners' 19.03.2021

Picasso - Eliza: The Super Splits!

Dali - Sienna: looking after her baby brother

Banksy - Nyah: playing Harry Potter whilst looking after her new friend!


Introduction to our new certificates 12.03.2021

The sun is out.....the children are out!

Breaktime fun - 22.01.21

Autumn Term 20/21

A very special visitor today - 18.12.20

Banksy Christmas video and carols around the tree - 18.12.20

Dali Carols around the tree - 18.12.20

Picasso Carols around the tree - 18.12.20


Dali Christmas Video - 18.12.20

Picasso Christmas Video - 18.12.20


FOES Christmas Raffle - 11.12.20

Thank you to Stephen Chamberlain for his visit this morning  21.09.20 to Earith Primary School to award one lucky recipient the Gary Peile Resilience Award for 2020. 

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