Earith Primary School

Homework Procedure

At Earith Primary School, we recognise that as parents, you will want to support your child in their learning wherever and whenever you can.

Educational research suggests that the best way to do this with primary-aged children is little and often, and reinforcing key skills.  Our homework procedure will support this.

Reading: General 

Reading is an essential skill which supports everything your child will learn in school.  

Every child should aim to read (or be read to) for at least 10 minutes each day.  

Every child will be able to bring home a book from the school library.

Reading: Journals 

Every child has been issued with a reading journal. Within this, children can write down their thoughts and feelings about any books they’re reading at school or home. Parents – please feel free to write in your child’s reading journal at your discretion. 

These journals will not be routinely inspected by staff, nor will children, or parents be chased or penalised by not writing in them – they are a mechanism to capture, celebrate and foster a further love for reading!

If your child is proud of their journal over time, or a specific entry, there will be opportunities to celebrate this with their class teacher and peers.  

Early Reading

For those children who are developing early reading skills, they will bring home a phonically decodable book matched to their phonic ability. This will be in addition to their reading for pleasure/library book.  The phonically decodable book will be changed weekly in line with our Little Wandle Reading Programme.  

Phonics: Reception and Year One

Each half term, electronic copies of home learning sheets will be sent home.  These will be linked to each week’s learning in phonics.  Please use these sheets to support your child at home. 

There will be one sheet for each week which will show: 

For Reception:  the phonemes that will be taught along with a pronunciation phrase (when they are first introduced).  Later on, there will be individual words to read and write as well as short sentences to read.  

For Year One:  the GPCs that will be focussed on each week as well as the words and sentences to read and write.   In addition, there will be tricky words to read and to spell.


Spelling shed supports the phonics and spelling curriculum at school – from R to 6. Every child has been issued a login to access their weekly spelling assignments and the games set.  Call the school if you need their login details. 


Numbots and TT Rockstars: number bonds and times table rehearsal. Call the school to request your child’s login details. 

Numbots rockstars

All of the above require a device of some kind to access – we are only encouraging 5-10 minutes screen time a night! If you do not have access to a device, it doesn’t matter – you can still support your child in rehearsing any of the aforementioned skills using pencil, paper and practical resources.

Foundation Subjects

For other/foundation subjects, please visit the Curriculum tab on our website where we append Curriculum Newsletters and Knowledge Organisers for some of our subjects each half/term. Using these as a prompt for discussion will help enthuse and reinforce key areas of the curriculum covered/to be covered. 


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