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The Earith Primary School Reading Challenge 2021

The MORE that you read, the MORE things you will know.

            The MORE that you Learn, the MORE places you will go.      Dr Seuss


At Earith Primary School we know how important learning to read and reading to learn is. We want every child to be a reader and to develop a love of reading. We know that being a reader will make a significant difference to their education now and in the future.

4 top tips to encourage your child to join the Earith Primary School Reading Challenge -

1. Pick books from the recommended reading list sites belowthis is so you will know that your child is reading high quality texts

2. Talk to your child about the books they read in schooltalking about reading will help develop your child’s interest in reading

3. Encourage your child to read every day the length of time they read will increase with age; for younger children learning to                read, share books with them by reading aloud together

4. Let us know about the books your child has read – so that we can celebrate their reading together. Please email me     

    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

10 top reasons why reading is important:

    1. Your child’s vocabulary becomes larger and more extensive.
    2. They perform better academically, especially in reading, speaking, writing & spelling
    3. Their imagination can run wild.
    4. Their creativity skills develop.
    5. They develop empathy.
    6. They gain a deeper understanding of their world.
    7. Their concentration levels improve.
    8. It improves bonds between parent and child
    9. Their cognitive development is supported.
    10. Their social skills and interactions improve


How many of the recommended books can you read and enjoy, children? 

Start by reading the blurbs online; spot a book that takes your fancy and ask your parents to buy you one – perhaps next time you deserve a treat, have a birthday or have saved your pocket money.


Mr Abbs

(Loves Reading & Loves Children Reading – Widely & Often!)

Recommended reading list sites:

The Book Trust


The Book Trust has lots of reading resources and regularly updates lists and reviews books.

The Reader Teacher


A brilliant site run by a former librarian who is a teacher in Wales.  His lists are excellent and also regularly updated so that new, contemporary books get added (as well as old favourites being on the list).  He has started producing posters which recommend books for fans of particular authors to help them branch out as well (e.g. If you like David Walliams you might like these authors...). 

The Literacy Trust


 Full of literacy-related resources, including recommended book lists (you need to register but it is free).

The UKLA Book Awards

https://ukla.org/awards/ukla-book-award/  Also worth looking at the UKLA book award lists as they are always full of brilliant books.


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