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Our Events Gallery for 2022 - 2023

Adrenaline Martial Arts Assembly: 15.3.23 :  our children, wowed with their skills in Karate, as well as showcasing two of their super students' skills:  Ava & Jamie.  The Team taught us a little more about the discipline that sits alongside the ethos of their club - readiness and mindset being key drivers - just like here at Earith Primary School - oss! Several pupils were interested in joining.  Cards from the club have been sent home.  Thank You, Adrenaline Martial Arts.  Take a look at the videos below:

The Giant Picnic - 03.03.2023
World Book Day - 02.03.2023
St Ives Rotary Club Quiz for Year 6 - 23.02.2023
The year 6 children, worked together to impart their knowledge of geography, plants, animals and general knowledge. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves and were an asset to our school.
Rotary1 Rotary2 Rotary3
Safer Internet Day 07.02.2023 
During Internet Safety Day, we discussed some real-life examples of potential problems which could happen online. I was amazed by the children's level of maturity and empathy, when discussing different scenarios. They were reflective, posed excellent questions, and gave fantastic advice and suggestions.
Lunchtime Fun (Feb 2023)
IMG 20230203 094638 IMG 20230203 094846 IMG 20230203 094909
IMG 20230203 094921 IMG 20230203 094931
Last day of the Autumn Term
Have a wonderful Christmas!
Best-Dressed Competition Winners
IMG 2076 IMG 2079
Christmas Fun & Parties 
SANTA!!...You came!
Whole School Christmas Lunch
Christmas Movie with Whole-School
IMG 19521 IMG 19541 IMG 19551
Spreading a little festive cheer: each class visiting the Woodlands Residential Care Home with gifts, song & dance.  Each child hand-made a Christmas Card for the residents, too.  
FOES 400: a positive dilemma in PSHE: FOES donation of £400 per class, but how should the money be spent? Classes enjoyed choosing resources that would bring them happiness.  Some groups of children, electing to 'club together' for greater purchasing power.  Thank You, FOES - and for the additional £400 for outdoor resources.
Christmas Singalong (Part 1): children learnt to sing a range of popular Christmas songs which they sung and danced to, alongside their parents and interspersed with school musicians (pianists, drummers, singers, guitars) during our Interactive Christmas Singalong.
Christmas Mini-Performances (Part 2): classes were given creative ownership over what they performed.  We had singing, dancing, joke-telling, gymnastics and acting.  
Merry Christmas, All from Earith Primary School.
Dahlia Class had the most amazing visit to the Zoo. Not only did they see a
wide range of animals from Africa, they also represented the school in a very positive way. I am
sure the memories will last forever!

A snapshot of our fun provision at lunchtime: indoor (wet outside)

IMG 1301 IMG 1302 IMG 1311
IMG 1317 IMG 1357 IMG 1359

outdoor (whilst field wet and Muddy!)

IMG 1328

IMG 1329 IMG 1330 IMG 1332
IMG 1333 IMG 1334 IMG 1340

Daffodil class had a wonderful day at the Raptor Foundation

Danceathon 2022

IMG 8422


IMG 8439


IMG 8004
IMG 8015
IMG 8652
IMG 1853

On our class trip to Hamerton Zoo, Thistle Class have applied our knowledge of animals gained in Science and jungles in Geography to better understand which animals are adapted to which environment.

Lunchtimes indoors - getting ready for the wet plays ahead...

Bluebell class enjoyed a fantastic day out at Peterborough Cathedral learning about Katherine of Aragon and Henry VIII, the history of the monestry that became the Cathedral and the symbolic stone rebuses from the Tudor period. They all behaved brilliantly and should be very proud of themselves.

Gordon's first Friendship Club: this half term - fostering relationships between Daffodil & Bluebell Class.  Joined by the Kindness Monster.

Week 1


Friend2 Friend3 Friend1

Week 2 Friendship Club continued 

Here's more from Week 3


Children harvesting the fruits of their labour following the summer growth - return of Gardening Club.

Gard2 Gard4
Gard1 Gard3


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