Earith Primary School

Computing Gallery 

Safer Internet Day 07.02.2023 
During Internet Safety Day, we discussed some real-life examples of potential problems which could happen online. I was amazed by the children's level of maturity and empathy, when discussing different scenarios. They were reflective, posed excellent questions, and gave fantastic advice and suggestions.

Children in Thistle have been learning how to code robots with specific, detailed instructions - giving a Jam Sandwich-making robot specific orders to create a snack. They then used their knowledge of instruction to program a Beebot to move in different directions.

IMG 8641 IMG 8644 IMG 8670
IMG 8671 IMG 8675 IMG 8677

We have been learning about technology in the world around us. We have found out the names of different parts of computers, and learned how to use a mouse to click and drag.


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