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Spreading a little festive cheer: each class visiting the Woodlands Residential Care Home with gifts, song & dance.  Each child hand-made a Christmas Card for the residents, too.  
FOES 400: a positive dilemma in PSHE: FOES donation of £400 per class, but how should the money be spent? Classes enjoyed choosing resources that would bring them happiness.  Some groups of children, electing to 'club together' for greater purchasing power.  Thank You, FOES - and for the additional £400 for outdoor resources.
The highlight for Daffodil Class was the start of Woodland Wednesday.
The children thoroughly enjoyed exploring the woodlands area and these weekly visits will support many curriculum areas.
The children were working collaboratively, discussing ideas and supporting each other to build dens and nests.
Others were inspired to use their imagination after discovering a fairy house and a fairy door in a tree! We are looking forward to our visit to the woodlands next week.

A snapshot of our fun provision at lunchtime: indoor (wet outside)

IMG 1301 IMG 1302 IMG 1311
IMG 1317 IMG 1357 IMG 1359

outdoor (whilst field wet and Muddy!)

IMG 1328

IMG 1329 IMG 1330 IMG 1332
IMG 1333 IMG 1334 IMG 1340

As part of our PSHE unit  in Dahlia Myself and My Relationships, children played games to develop collaboration, support friendship networks, and build meaningful relationships. 

thumbnail image 2 thumbnail image 5 thumbnail image 3
thumbnail image thumbnail image 1 thumbnail image 6

 Gordon's first Friendship Club: this half term - fostering relationships between Daffodil & Bluebell Class.  Joined by the Kindness Monster.


Friend2 Friend3 Friend1

Compilation of photos from our internal transition days - preparing our pupils for September


Bluebell Class



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