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It was fantastic to welcome GENER8 back to Earith, to share their Christian message. Using role-play, music and a puppet theatre, children thoroughly enjoyed listening to the Traditional Christmas Story

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To support our RE teaching on Judaism, we had a visitor from Beth Shalom Synagogue in Cambridge. Children listened to key aspects of Jewish religious life, and were able to spend time handling artefacts from the synagogue.

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In RE, Bluebell Class have been learning about how the Book of Psalms (poetic prayers) are important to Jewish people. We listened to Psalm 23, sung in Hebrew, as we drew places that make us feel calm and peaceful. 

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Daffodil Class have been finding out about the Jewish festival of Sukkot.  They worked together to build Sukkahs - a three-sided hut with a roof made of branches and leaves. 

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Bluebell class enjoyed a fantastic day out at Peterborough Cathedral learning about Katherine of Aragon and Henry VIII, the history of the monestry that became the Cathedral and the symbolic stone rebuses from the Tudor period. They all behaved brilliantly and should be very proud of themselves.

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