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School Council 2023/2024


School Council 2023- 2024: Timeline


School Council Update: 1.12.23

Formal interviews with Head Teacher and Chair of Governors: Head Girl & Head Boy appointed.  Head Teacher, Head Girl & Boy formally interviewed applicants from each Year group.  New School Council appointed:




10 minute discussions in all classes during PSHE every fortnight about a topic; councillors take notes; meet with Head Teacher the following week and feedback whole-school views; decisions made and further reflections.


Process working exceptionally well since October Half Term.  New resources purchased for outdoor provision e.g. mini goal for Year R shooting; opportunities for K’Nex outside; loom band making. Whole school currently voting on what they would like to do on last day of Autumn Term in their classes/with each other.


Head Girl & Boy also given enhanced responsibilities around school.

3.10.23: Year 1-6 School Council assembly (PM).Content: Thanking last year’s (and some from the previous
year’s) councillors. Reflections on their impact. Reflections from the Head Teacher: what he did well; what he
didn’t do well. Rationale for change articulated to children.


3.10.23: Head Girl & Head Boy application forms to Year 6 distributed. Those that wish to apply, deadline is
Friday 6th October by 3:15pm.


W/c 9.10.23: shortlisting of Head Girl & Head Boy (Year 6) applications begin.

W/c 9.10.23: Year 1 to 5 school councillor application forms released to children that wish to apply. Only one child
per year group will ultimately be appointed. Deadline is Friday 13th October by 3:15pm.


13.10.23: Interviews for shortlisted candidates for Head Boy & Head Girl with Mr Abbs & Mrs Wilderspin (Chair of
Governors). New Head Girl & Head Boy notified.


18.10.23: Interviews conducted by Head Teacher, Head Girl & Head Boy for prospective councillors (Year 1 to 5)
during the afternoon on Wednesday 18th or Thursday 19th 
October (TBC).


20.10.23: School Council structure 2023/2024 announced.


After half term:


  Meetings scheduled with councillors (including Head Girl & Boy) with Head Teacher


  System for pupils to feedback views to be discussed e.g. during fortnightly PSHE lessons established


  Other responsibilities/meetings for Head Girl & Head Boy established




Mr Abbs

Head Teacher


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