Reading Scheme

At Earith Primary School, our overall aim is to inspire the children to read for pleasure as well as for purpose. We encourage the children to read at home every day. This will not only support their reading journey at school, but will also develop their life-long love for reading.

Our reading scheme begins with a systematic, synthetic phonics programme (Little Wandles). This equips children with the correct strategies to decode words and apply meaning to texts. They also have opportunities to visit the library and choose a ‘reading for pleasure’ book to share at home.

When children are confident using their phonic knowledge to decode, they will continue to develop their fluency by reading colour-coded texts. These texts increase in difficulty, in terms of content and length.  

Small chapter books are introduced when children develop in confidence, when reading higher-level, colour-coded texts. These small chapter texts have an increase in language complexity and are used to develop reading stamina, before moving onto more complex, large chapter books.  

The reading of complex texts, with complexity of language and plot structure, is the ultimate aim of our whole-school reading programme. This will enable children to read with confidence, in any subject, ready for their transition to secondary education.

We also encourage all of our children to visit and borrow books from our school library and to read from books or other text sources that they have available at home.  We are committed to helping all of our children to become successful readers and to enthuse all of our children with a lifelong love of reading.