What is the best thing about our school?

 ‘The teachers because they give us a good education.’  

Earith Primary School was built in 1975. The school was proud to be part of a project with Historic England and Cambridgeshire Folk Band, The Young ‘Uns where we learnt more about the history of our school and the local area.  Pupils in years 4, 5 and 6 even wrote our very own Earith Primary School Song  See here

We are a small village school  with a big heart. 

We have been proud to be part of the Active Learning Trust since 2018: a family of 19 schools serving over 10,000 pupils across Cambridgeshire and Suffolk. This relationship brings about many opportunities for our pupils and staff, including access to expertise, resources, projects and professional development.

The best thing about our school is we have fun lessons; the teachers are very helpful and help pupils learn’   

There are currently four mixed aged classes  at our school where the focus is on each child’s wellbeing and academic development. 

We are proud of the school’s diversity and inclusive approach: the number of children who are disadvantaged is similar to the national average and we have a higher than national average percentage of children with special educational needs. The number of children who have English as an additional language and are from an ethnic minority group is below the national average.

‘The design of the school is a really good choice because the Hall is taller than other rooms and is almost a landmark of the school.  If you were to go on the roof, you would see a lot of houses and other people’s gardens with good environmental conditions.’   recently appointed to our Eco-Council)

The school benefits from extensive grounds, including a woodland area, football pitches, basketball court, trim trail, activity cube, outdoor resource storage, provision for scootering and we even have our own swimming pool!

‘We have two separate football pitches.  Technically, our classrooms have their own separate work areas and spaces, too’ 

I like the balls, the hula hoops, the basketballs around on the other playground.  

The school prides itself on its relationships between children, parents, staff and the community. 

‘The teachers and teaching assistants because they are kind, and the activities: the trim trail is fun and our toy sheds have lots of resources.’  

Welcome to Earith Primary School – being safe, being respectful, being our best