On behalf of the school community, I would like to welcome you to Earith Primary School.

We benefit from being part of the Active Learning Trust: a family of 21 Primary, Secondary and Special Schools across Cambridgeshire and Suffolk. Being part of this wider network provides us with access to further expertise, resources and opportunities for pupils and staff. For more information, please visit www.activelearningtrust.org 

I am extremely proud of the team that we have here at Earith Primary School.  I consider all of our staff to be professional, approachable, flexible and above all, caring.  Our dedicated staff work tirelessly in order to support the children to improve in as many aspects of the wider curriculum as possible – all within a happy and nurturing environment.

This pastoral approach, coupled with a clear learning focus is why I consider us an achieving, inclusive and therefore successful school.

‘Being safe, being respectful, being our best’

This is our school motto and forms the basis for our main school code of conduct.  Our biggest asset is our pupils, but we firmly believe that all stakeholders of our school (pupils, staff, parents, governors, and the wider community, for example) also play their part in this.  If we are all being safe, if we are all being respectful and if everyone is being the best they can be, this provides the best possible starting point for the magic to happen…learning!

In order to achieve this, we firmly believe in promoting, developing and actively celebrating pupils’ accomplishments through our school Core Values – the 5Rs.  These learning behaviours, we feel, will help our young people thrive, not only through their time at Primary School, Secondary School and in the wider world of work, but help them to become aspirational and well-rounded, active citizens of society.

We hope that by navigating through the various areas on the site you will find the information you need and get a good flavour of life at our fabulous little school.

We look forward to working in partnership with you, and to achieve the very best possible education for the people that matter the most – your children.

Mr Abbs
Head Teacher